About Company

Annoying Projects is a software development company that helps businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. As an Information Technology company, it combines technology expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. Annoying Projects is a true and seamless digital technology partner, helping businesses accelerate with the digital software development and mobile & desktop apps and supply of on-demand developers that focus on moving your business forward

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We provide a wide array of Award Winning design and development services – From Digital Strategy, QA and UX Design to iOS, Android and Facebook Apps, Responsive Mobile Enabled Websites, Ecommerce and Business Automation Tools – we’re your trusted partner in digital.

Our Story

We provide custom software applications, solve data management problems, and support the evolution of the mobile workforce. As your Information Technology partner, we transition you from systems and processes that aren’t working, to custom IT services that help you save money, improve performance, and work more efficiently. We define the solution by starting with your business needs.

Our Challanges


For any company and especially those that have built a product on consumer data, security is a major concern. Every tech company today regardless of size needs to be vigilant in the face of the myriad potential security threats on the Internet. Security is a technological issue that can also easily become a reputational one, so it is important for tech companies to appropriately address it.


The most obvious technical challenge is the sheer scale of the data powering your product. The bigger struggle however, is creating a vision for how your company can put the data it has to its best use. This requires asking, if technology and cost weren't obstacles, what would your company be doing with your data to help put out the best imaginable product? When you know that answer, you have to start challenging the long-standing assumptions that are keeping your business from achieving that vision. It goes beyond choosing the best technology and letting everyone in the company figure out how to use it.

Meet The Team

Danjela Lushi

Java Software Developer

Anxhelo Nazaj

Full Stack Developer

Bleona Danushi

Software Developer

Donald Lushi

Software Engineer

Arben Malko

Web Developer

Albi Arapi

Software Engineer